Painting Fabric With Chalk Based Paint


Painting fabric with chalk based paint

For a long time I have wondered about painting fabric. Especially when it came to my horrendous dining room chairs. I finally decided to stop wondering and to just do it. I’m still not sure if this makes me crazy or not.

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Dingy Desk to Vivacious Vanity

DIY Vanity

For the last few years I have been on the hunt for a vanity. My search was not as easy as what I thought it would be.

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Make A Designer Print Using Your Phone

How To Make A Designer Print

My UNG DRILL Ikea Hack that I posted two weeks ago was a hit. I received a few messages on Facebook and via email asking me where I got the designer print that featured the Coco Chanel quote. I actually made it and here’s how you can too:

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UNG DRILL Frame Ikea Hack

UNG DRILL Frame Ikea Hack

You know when you complete a project and it’s so awesome and amazing that you can’t stop staring at it? This is that project! I’m so proud of my UNG DRILL Frame IKEA Hack and so excited to share it with you.

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Project Life Halloween Layouts

Project Life Halloween

It’s been a while since I shared a Project Life page layout. Mostly because I haven’t been to active in “PL-ing” until lately. I had some adorable photos from Halloween laying around so I put together a couple quick pages. Here are Project Life Halloween Layouts.

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Enjoying The Signs Of Spring WW LINKY

Signs of Spring

One of the only reasons I was some-what excited to move to the North Coast of British Columbia was the mild winter. When we arrived last March, there was no snow and we were told it had been gone since January. Score, right? Well after enduring our first winter here, I was not that impressed. I’m welcoming the signs of spring.

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A Giant Cupcake, An Attempt, and a Fail.


Birthday Cake Idea

It was my husband’s birthday last month, and I wanted to utilize the giant cupcake pan that I had. It’s not often I get to make a giant cupcake, so I was excited about it.

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Creating a Reading Nook

Reading Nook
I have an odd shaped living room, its long and narrow. I recently decided to create a little reading nook; a place to read, blog and relax.

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Little Life Box

Little Life BoxThere are many eco friendly and healthy products out there. Have you ever just wanted to try them before making the investment (they’re not always the cheapest)? With Little Life Box you can do just that!

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Breakfast With a Boy WW LINKY


How my little one does breakfast.

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