160+ Best Depression Quotes With Images

160+ Best Depression Quotes With Images

According to medical science, depression is the last and worse stage of stress and anxiety. It is a mental health condition that leaves the person in the overwhelming feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and isolation. These feelings control how a person thinks and functions. It is like the sufferer is having a continuous fight with his mind and thoughts.

Depression has now become a global health condition. Almost thousands of people all around the world die off depression. The global suicide ratio is getting worse every year. People die because of the continuous pressure building up in their minds. Yet still, our society does not consider it as a sane health problem.

But believe me, mental health is far more important than physical health. If someone has a perfect body that does not mean he/she has a perfectly stable mind too. Here, by not having a stable mind I absolutely do not mean that he/she is a psycho.

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Stability of mind means peace of mind, which is completely vanished from the people suffering from depression. No matter how hard they try they are always in despair.

Here are some powerful depression quotes that will help you understand the true feelings of depression.

Quotes To Help Fight Depression

Depression can not be treated alone with medications and therapies. The feelings of loneliness and hopelessness needs emotional support. You never know what a person is going through. People need support, they need a listening ear and a mind that does not judge.

Some of these quotes might help to uplift the dark and depressing thoughts.

Depression is real and it is the high time that we start treating it as a problem rather than getting ignorant about it. We should try to get more concerned about the feelings of others. Depression kills and the only solution to fight it is to keep an emotional wellness check of the people around us. We should start supporting and listening to their problems rather than avoiding them.

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Let’s stay humble and help one another in the fight against depression.

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