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Edgar Allan Poe quotes are quite famous all over the world. Edgar Allan Poe is an American poet and writer but he is also famous as a literary critic. Edgar is a renowned poet and short story writer and his tales of mysteries and macabre are greatly admired all over the world. He is also considered as an inventor of the genre of “detective fiction”.

Great contribution towards the emerging genre of “science fiction” is another trophy that Edgar owns. Edgar led a financially difficult life, however he is attributed as the first well-known writer who earns his living through writing alone. He did amazingly remarkable work in every genre and field he worked on. Edgar was also interested in physics, cosmology, and cryptography.

Edgar’s Life

Early Life:

Edgar Allan Poe was born as the second child to an English born actress Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe and actor David Poe Jr. on January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts. William Henry Leonard Poe is the elder brother of Edgar while his other sibling Rosalie Poe is younger than Edgar.

He was born into Poe’s family but grew up in Allan’s family after his father abandoned the family in 1810 and his mother died a year later of tuberculosis. John Allan was a successful merchant in Richmond, Virginia. Allan’s family never adopted Edgar formally but named him as “Edgar Allan Poe”.

Edgar entered the grammar schools of Scotland and London for a short span in the years 1815 and 1816. Between the period of 1816 and 1817, he also studied at a boarding school in Chelsea. Edgar was then enrolled at a new school at Stoke Newington named Reverend John Bransby’s Manor House School after the summer of 1817. When the city celebrated the visit of the Marquis de Lafayette in 1824, Edgar also gave his services as lieutenant of the Richmond youth honor guard.

He got engaged to Sarah Elmira Royster in 1826 and also gets himself registered at the University of Virginia in the same year. Edgar chose to study ancient and modern languages but he can’t complete his studies because of the increasing debts. He also lost touch with his foster family Allans and his fiancé.

Allan tried to help Poe but his debts were continually increasing. He left the university a year later but never returned to the Allans, mainly because he got to know that his fiancé has married another man.

Edgar Allan poe quotes depict the complicated and difficult life he lived.

Literary Career:

The best-known fiction work of Poe’s is Gothic. The recurring themes of his writings deal with the questions of death. Edgar’s wok was a part of the dark romanticism genre that was a literary reaction to the concept of transcendentalism which Poe disliked a lot. Edgar has some great and notable literary pieces which you can count as classics.

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Though his work was mainly horror and mystery, he also wrote satires, humor tales, and hoaxes. Edgar Allan poe quotes are the depiction of his literary career. Poe also gave his services as an assistant editor and critic to Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine. After he left Burton’s, he worked as an editor at Graham’s Magazine as well. He also published his prospectus known as Stylus.

Notable Works:

Some of the popular works of Poe are “The Raven”, “The Fall of the House of Usher”, “The Cask of Amontillado”, and “The Masque of the Red Death”. Some other classics are “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “Metzengerstein”, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”, and “The Gold-Bug”.

Many of the Edgar Allan poe quotes are also taken from the different verses of his work.

Military Career:

Poe also served the army of the United States as a private and was enlisted on May 27, 1827, even when he was only aged 18, but he showed his age 22. In his military career, he also attained the rank of Sergeant Major for Artillery. After that Poe decided to reveal his circumstances and his commanding officer said that he would only discharge Poe if he reconciles with Allan and was discharged on April 15, 1829.

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Edgar matriculated in the year 1830 as a cadet after he decided to move to West Point. In 1831 he was found guilty of disobedience and negligence. Poe then traveled to New York and released his third volume of poems which was financed by his fellow cadets.

Personal Life:

Before moving to West Point, Poe moved to Baltimore and lived with her aunt Maria Clemm where he found his spouse. On September 22, 1835, when Poe was 26 and his wife Virginia aged 13, decided to marry each other. They were married for 11 years until Virginia died of tuberculosis later, leaving Poe as an alcoholic.

Praise and Compliments

The “Mystery Writers of America” has nominated an annual award known as “Edgar Award” in memory of Edgar paying a tribute to his contributions to the mystery genre. Edgar award is presented yearly to the writers for their unique and distinguished work in the mystery genre. Now, the whole world knows who Edgar Allan Poe was because of his remarkable work and unique yet deep Edgar Allan poe quotes which are widely famous.  

One of the famous Edgar Allan poe quotes goes like,

“Words have no power to impress the minds without the exquisite horror of the reality”.

Edgar Allan poe


On October 3, 1849, he was found delirious on the streets of Baltimore, and died on Sunday, October 7, 1849, at 5:00 in the morning in Washington Medical College. There are multiple theories attached to his death mystery as the real cause is still unknown. But, Edgar has left a unique legacy and some famous Edgar Allan poe quotes which are still unmatched.

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