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Marvel’s Thanos over the last few years has been among the highest-grossing villains. The following are the MCU Mad Titan best quotes.

During its several movies, the MCU has indeed given us many amazing heroes, each with a myriad of admirable features and extraordinary abilities to make them deserving of the mantle.

There was no lack of charismatic representatives between Thor ‘s powerful Thunder God and Rocket Raccoon’s mouthful mercenary. Few unforgettable villains have taken us from all beguiling Hela to unfortunate Loki to bring a magnificent confrontation to the heroes.

Though none as terrifying yet, however complicated as Thanos a furious Titan, a celestial world conqueror, characterized by his sense of ethics and behavioral norms. Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, he has portrayed him as either the metaphysical as well as an intergalactic criminal.

With Disney+ now being launched so that audiences of MCU can immerse themselves throughout the Mad phoenix universe, fans revive enthralling two-part movies throughout the solace of one’s home. Thanos has demonstrated most iconic lines in MCU era, and several of them are as follows:


Thanos quotes

A definite harbinger of suffering which would arise through Avengers: Endgame, this quotation by Thanos during Avengers: Infinity War reveals that Mad Titan isn’t a slimy word.

Within one sentence, he also recognizes the Avengers ‘strength and also that their collective wisdom is nothing compared to the Marvel Gauntlet ‘s power within Thanos’ hand.


“Entertainment is not something one takes into account when contemplating the universe. Just this one … Put a grin on my face.”

Thanos quotes

As addressed by Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos has been a man with a plan. And though he may have been written off like a two-dimensional demon lord, he was indeed a villain motivated by a deep motive.

While most will see him as a universe destroyer, he sees himself as the maker and redeemer. He flattened entire worlds so that they’d once again rise out from the ashes, civilizations with a shot at success and far fewer resource-competitors.


It is evenly balanced well, as it should be. If you thought about it, this is anything that makes sense, but if it came from Thanos’ mouth, it just sounds eerie and scary. An exhilarating experience from Thanos’ tenure in the MCU was addressing that his attitude and thoughts would bring order to the universe.

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Thanos’ thoughts all originate from a position of goodness with his twisted mind. He might not believe either of his acts is terrible, and telling Gamora everything about balance as either a kid was his twisted way of attempting to persuade that the approach was also right.


“You have quite a lot for me, Stark. Half humanity would still be living when I’m through. I believe they will remember you.”

Thanos quotes

He has been no usual villain, no wonder whether you liked or disliked Thanos. He was motivated by his common sense, as well as his standards of conduct.

As Tony Stark / Iron Man joins him in the battle to fight for whatever is going to be the last moment, it seems fitting considering that Thanos first emerged in an Iron Man graphic novel pages. He’s sadly no option for the Insane Giant, who is stabbing him throughout the face.


Talking of Thanos’ encounter with Iron-Man there in Avengers: Infinity War, another brilliant phrase the villain came across is, “You ‘re never the just one who has been cursed with intelligence.” The moment will come even before Iron-Man, and Thanos lock horns, so it becomes obvious that they have already remembered the identity of each other.


I understand what losing feels like. To know so strongly that you are right, but somehow to fail. It is terrifying, turning the legs into jelly. For what purpose, I query you? Tremble at it. Drive from that place. Destiny does come to the same thing. And so now, here it is. And can I tell you, I am.

Thanos quotes

Considering the circumstances of being such a Titan, an ethnicity of eternal celestial beings, Thanos acknowledging the Asgardians throughout Infinity War with such a critique on disappointment seems strange.

Although it could be challenging to picture Thanos feeling helpless, the metaphor is incredibly poignant from its genuineness. It reflects the aspects of his personality exposed in comics such as Captain Marvel’s Death and Thanos Rising.


The plot among Thanos & Gamora is among the other fascinating and intellectual in the whole MCU. Through Avengers: Infinity Wars, the time arrives at such a boiling stage when he compromises her to recover the stone of soul.

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